Tees Maar Khan (Telugu)

Tees Maar Khan (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

8.5/10 from 2019 votesIMDb




Action Drama Romance

 Directed by:

Kalyanji Gogana





 Story Plot: Tees Maar Khan and Vasudha who suffer from parental abuse move out of their respective houses. Vasudha, who is the elder among the two, takes good care of Tees Maar Khan. Hence, Tees Maar Khan treats Vasudha as her mom. Years later, she gets married to Chakri. On the other hand, Tees Maar Khan lands in a tussle with Jeeja who is a mafia don. Due to this, his family gets targeted and Vasudha gets killed. Frustrated by his mother’s death, Tees Maar Khan sets out to take revenge.
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